Welcome to Restaurant Open!


Restaurant Open offers Freestyle/Fresh foods at reasonable pricing in a fun atmosphere. We make all of our ingredients from the freshest products available. Some things take longer to prepare than others, but all are done with a care for the people we are serving. Our staff is excited and ready to help you decide on something you may not find on our menu. We offer specials nearly everyday, as we are in and around the markets and in contact with vendors every single day. This helps us freestyle our food as much as possible.  Some of our most popular items are the best breakfast burrito around, and our best tri-tip sandwich is also very popular. Call in ahead for pick up or come on in and try one of our specials or something off the menu. Special requests are welcome and we will do our best to meet or exceed your expectation. Thank you for checking us out here and we look forward to seeing you in the restaurant. We are on FaceBook too! We are Restaurant Open! Even when we’re closed!

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